Ellipsys offers organizations several solutions that include:

ChartNet Transcription

ChartNet Transcription is a flexible system for transcription designed to handle the requirements of any project or relationship. It offers remote transcription, auto-faxing, electronic signature, powerful report distribution options, and many other features.

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ChartNet Voice

ChartNet Voice is an affordable alternative to traditional phone-based dictation that utilizes hand-held digital voice recorders. Providers can dictate several hours worth of reports into the recorder, then download the voice files for transcription via ChartNet. Currently, the Olympus D1000, D2000, D3000, D330 recorders and Phillips SpeechMikes are supported.

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ChartNet Dictation

ChartNet Dictation is a digital dictation system that allows dictation to be done from any telephone. Up to 99 partitions can be defined with each partition having its own author ID's, prompts, field lengths, etc. This allows a ChartNet Dictation system to be configured to handle the needs of different physicians and physician specialties.

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Ellipsys handles all setup for dictation and web portal (management dashboard) from our main office.


Our systems are very user-friendly and easy to learn. We provide training instructions and a 24-hour help line for questions.

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